How Does Expert Pointe Work?

Step 1

Identify your critical business challenge: Do you have a critical business challenge or opportunity you want to solve? A one-to-one conversation with Expert pointe consultant to discuss your critical business. A one-to-one conversation, with a  in house business consultant  to ensure you get the maximum value from the 90 min session with Business Guru

Step 2

Connect with Top Business Expert:  An Intense 90 min live session with some of the world’s top business experts.  You and Business expert work together to draw out the best practice learning and begin to apply this to your specific business challenge. This session is designed to give busy leaders a practical support mechanism.

Step 3

Reflection: You and your team will reflect the key points of the session or Lessons learned from the session . unpack your learning and apply it to your own business context/ your business challenge.

Step 4

Fast action for driving Results: Move away from going through webcasts, training videos  and conferences to personalized learning  for your business goals in real-time.